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Connected Beings provides therapeutic and parenting services aimed at strengthening family relationships and overcoming emotional and behavioral challenges. 

Following an attachment-based and somatic-based approach, Connected Beings provides individuals, couples, families and children with developmentally appropriate, nurturing strategies and effective healing interventions to teach, to support and to treat trauma and other mental health difficulties.  

The main goal of Connected Beings is to fortify existing coping strategies and to develop new interpersonal and adaptive capacities to increase self-growth and connections with loved ones and their immediate environment.  

Therapeutic services are offered to adults, couples, children, adolescents and families.  

Areas of specialization include:

    * Attachment & Bonding Issues

    * Trauma (Single Event, Relational and           Complex)

    * Depression & Anxiety

    * Perinatal Mood Disturbances

    * Child Abuse Prevention & Treatment

    * Domestic Violence

    * Parenting Difficulties & Sibling Rivalry

    * Challenging Behaviors in Childhood &          Adolescence 

    * Marital Discord & Family Stress

    * Life Transitions 

    * Separation & Loss

    * Foster Placement & Adoption
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